Diabetic & Gout
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Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease caused by dysfunction of the insulin hormone in the human body that creates high of levels of glucose in the blood. Diabetes Mellitus disease is a systemic disease that may involve at the body system and cause detoriation of vital organs such as retina (eye), kidney, heart and liver.

Diabetes Mellitus symptoms:
1. Polyphagia : continuous hunger
2. Polydipsia : continuous thirst
3. Polyuria : over secretion
4. Loss of weight

Normal : Level of blood glucose < 100 mgdL
Intolerant Glucose : Level of blood glucose 100 – 200 mgdL
Diabetes : Level of blood glucose > 200 mgdL
Until now there is no medication to cure Diabetes Mellitus disease, any medications or herbal medications are only to stabilizes the level of blood glucose in the body to a normal level, and prevent fatal complications to the patients.

The solutions from Jamu Puspo for this disease are as follows:
- Pacekap Diabest
- Pro Deem

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