Message from CEO


Dear Partners, Our companies were started as a small manufacturing and trading firm. Ever since, almost half a century ago, we carry the same commitment that we envisioned, to improve the quality of life by bringing innovations and excellence in products and services.

This same mission, that has brought us to where we are now, was shaped by certain values as our pillars, innovations, quality products and services, and long-term partnerships has and will have been our core foundation in the way we work.

From the seeds we plant to the products in the shelves, we never stop thinking of new innovations and breakthrough. Each step in the production line and distribution outlets are funded with quality commitment in mind. Such treasures have helped us to work with so many reliable and long term partners to this day.

It is my sincere wish and hope, Puspa Group will always be able to serve you with the same old values as our foundation to reach our destinations as we envisioned 40 years ago.

Thank you.