Cholesterol & Hypertension
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GERIATRICS - Hypertension

Hypertension known as High Blood Pressure disease is a condition where the veins have lost their elasticity and increased blood pressure well above the normal levels in the veins and artery. According to WHO, a person with an average blood pressure level more than 140/90 mm Hg, may have Hypertension.


Hypertension is also known as “The Silent Killer” , many Hypertension patients are not aware of the symptoms and fail to recognize Hypertension for many years. Whereas in fact, Hypertension can be fatal, by causing heart disease, stroke and Kidney failure, that often lead to death. The only way to check is through regular blood pressure testing.


In 90 % of the Hypertension case, the cause of Hypertension is unknown. Therefore medications for Hypertension are only aimed at reducing blood pressure levels and prevent further complications.


Many research studies have shown herbal medicine are able to reduce blood pressure levels and prevent further complications.

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