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Directtest is a simple and practical pregnancy test, giving you fast result 99% accuracy (US FDA). Directtest is highly sensitive, it is the only product in Indonesia that is able to detect the existence of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone generated by placenta, founded in urine as little as 10 mIU hCG / ml urine.

With 10 mIU hCG / ml urine sensitivy, directtest can detect pregnancy earlier than other products in the market. Directtest can test the pregnancy as early as 7 days after the intercourse. Future mother does not need to wait nerveously or worriedly for the next menstruation period.
With 10 mIU hCG/ml urine sensitivy, test can be done at anytime in a day either in the morning, noon or night unlike the conventional tester which can only detect concentrated morning urine.

Directtest The First in Indonesia which include supported urine container for the strip test, so you could stand the strip vertically without handle it. You can make sure for the accuracy and precise result because the urine container is equipped with the strip handle support so that it won’t go beyond the MAX line, this is to minimized testing error.

Directtest the personal and easy pregnancy test, fast and accurate result 99% and reliable (US FDA APPROVED), so that mother / future mother can be satisfy, rely and know exactly about her condition soon after 7 days intercourse.

  • Fast and accurate process, the only pregnancy strip test in Indonesia which detects pregnancy at an early phase with hCG 10 mIU hCG / ml urine.
  • Don’t have to worry waiting for the next menstruation period, do the test 7 days after intercourse.
  • The test can be done anytime of the day, nite or day (anytime, anywhere).
  • 99% accuracy, US FDA APPROVED (Accurate result)
  • The first strip test in Indonesia which include supported urine container.


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